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Grease Nipple Connectors

Manual Lubrication_Grease Nipples_TAT
  • Hydraulic Part No. HF4O48 (H Type)
    The integral jaws of the connecter snap securely over the nipple head and tighten to prevent leakage as lubricant pressure is increased during delivery. A small sideways movement is required for disconnection.
  • Tecazerk Part No. HF4014 (T Type)
    This Connector has a concave recess and relies on manual pressure to create an effective seal between the connector and the heads of Tecazerk and Hydraulic type nipples.
  • TAT (Hook-On) Part No. HF4016 (B Type)
    (Thrust On) Part No. HF4063 (K Type)
    These connectors are double flanged to engage the heads of Tat and Industrial Button Head Type nipples. Each has a spring loaded sealing cap to prevent leakage when under pressure. The Hook-On is for use with flexible delivery tubes. The Thrust-On is for use with rigid delivery tubes and incorporates a swivel joint to facilitate servicing.
  • Miniature TAT Part No. HF4000 (A Type)
    This is a smaller version of the TAT Hook-On Connector and is for use with miniature TAT nipples.
  • Giant TAT
    (Hook-On) Part No. HE4020 (N Type)
    (Thrust On) Part No. HF4021 (0 Type)

    These connectors are larger versions of the Tat type and are designed for use with Giant Button Head nipples.
  • Lub. Part No. HF4034 (F Type)
    This connector has a ball-end form which is designed for use with nipples having concave recesses and relies on manual pressure to create the seal between the connector and the nipple.
  • Bayonet Part No. HF4006/1 (L Type)
    This connector has helical bayonet type slots and is used with nipples incorporating a protruding cross pin.

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