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Side Lever Guns


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  • A simple, efficient and cost effective method of lubricating the following:
    • Agricultural Plant and Machinery
    • Construction Equipment
    • Mining and Quarrying Equipment
    • Cars and Commercial Vehicles
  • The heavy duty Levergun typifies all that is best in multipurpose, high pressure lubricating guns. Impressively powerful yet lightweight and easy to use, this gun is manufactured to the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • The Levergun is the complete answer to an efficient low cost lubrication process.
  • A cranked operating lever enables the operator to achieve the maximum 400 bar delivery pressure without undue effort and a spring assisted follower piston prevents grease cavitation. The piston rod can be locked in any desired position.
  • The Levergun is designed to handle pre-packed grease cartridges of 400g capacity ( 53 x 237mm) and bulk grease. It is filled by removing the head assembly, complete wIth delivery tube and operating lever and then inserting the cartridge or loose grease.

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